ISO Helper - We Prepare You For Certification
We Prepare You For Certification

Preparation for Tender Submissions

Do you need ISO Certification to progress a tender submission? ISO Helper prepare you for tender submissions requiring ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ISO 45001


Tender Submission Consultancy Services


Does a tender require you to be ISO Certified?

Whether you are a  first, second or third tier supplier in the tender process, government and many private sector & not for profit organisations require certification to ISO 9001ISO 14001 or ISO 45001 as a prerequisite to progress past the first stage of the tender process.

Don't let not being certified hold you back.

If you can prove that you are in the process of certification or provide evidence that you have a compliant management system, you can progress your tender submission in most cases.

Our industry specialist consultants are experienced in tender reviews and submissions and can assist you to progress your tender application.

By working with a proven framework, our consultants can immediately focus on reviewing your existing management controls and can assess whether a pre certification declaration or submission of your policies and procedures best supports your tender submission.

We work with a compliant integrated management system platform which we tailor to your specific organisation's needs. So should you need to progress to certification with some urgency, we can have you prepared for certification in six weeks or less.


How we can help you

✔ Review the tender ISO compliance requirements.

✔ Review your existing business and management systems.

✔ Gap audit identifying gaps between your existing systems and the tender requirements.

✔ Recommend whether to prepare for certification or action submission using existing system processes & procedures.

✔ Extend your management system to meet the requirements of the required ISO standards.

✔ Assist with submission of your management system documentation.

✔ Improvement or development & implementation of a compliant management system in preparation for certification.

✔ Assist with submission of a pre certification declaration.

Prepare you for certification.


We Assist In Your Organisation's Growth

I cannot praise you enough for the help you gave me in the initial setting up of our systems. I had absolutely NO idea of what needed to be done. But you shone a light and aided in guidance.

I think what you’re doing now will be as invaluable to other small business as it was to me.
— Pauline Whiting / Quality Manager / Smart Traffic Australia Pty Ltd

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