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We Prepare You For Certification

ISO Helper Team

ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ISO 45001 - Do you understand the ISO Standards? Our industry specialist ISO Consultants are here to help you with ISO certification


Our Team Helping You With Compliance or Certification

Simone Galbraith

Managing Director

Having worked as a civil engineer both in Australia and my home of Germany I found my calling in the field of Quality, Safety and Environmental Management.

Spending many years working as an auditor and consultant for a number of JAS-ANZ accredited Certification Bodies, I came across a lot of organisations who were looking to get certified but didn't know how to achieve compliance.  Their main issue was 'where to start?'  I founded ISO Helper in 2014 to better assist clients prepare for certification.

My goal is to assist organisations in achieving compliance to the desired standards that will transform the way they do business, increase customer satisfaction and boost marketability.

ISO Helper will get you ready for certification and give you the professional support you need. We here at ISO Helper are proud to be able to offer our consultancy services to you and we look forward to helping your business achieve certification. 
— Simone Galbraith / Managing Director / ISO Helper

Stefanie Straub

Resource Director

Working as a young finance professional, I was asked the question: "Who is responsible for quality?" My answer was something along the lines of: 'The Quality Manager' and there started my first lesson in the fundamental difference between Quality and Quality Management.

A few decades on, I have asked the same question of every team member, senior manager & owner I have worked along side and have witnessed first hand the immediate improvement in efficiencies & bottom line profitability when organisations embrace a holistic approach to Quality, Safety & Environmental  Management.

Specialising in Manufacturing in the SME environment, I know first hand that resources are limited, time is precious & people are only human. But I do also know first hand that the design & implementation of a management system that is simple & user friendly will transform your organisation.

Engaging all team members, senior managers & owners in the design & implementation of a Management System delivers holistic ownership of a very powerful resource.
— Stefanie Straub / Resource Director / ISO Helper

Construction Specialist Consultants

With Construction Industry career experience, our Construction Specialist Consultants know & understand the nuances of life within the industry and the importance of a practical management system. They can engage with your team fully conversant in the complexities of managing projects & key stakeholders.

MANUFACTURING Specialist Consultants

Our Manufacturing Specialist Consultants come from diverse Manufacturing Industries.  With exposure to both SME & Multinational sized companies, they deliver best practice methods tailored to your organisation's needs that will assist your team to manage processes, subcontractors & interested parties.

Professional services Specialist Consultants

Client expectations, resourcing & technological advancement within the Professional Services Industry are nothing new to our Professional Services Specialist Consultants. Having worked within various service sectors, they understand you & your team.

Retail & Wholesale Specialist Consultants

Career experience in the Retail & Wholesale Industry equips our Retail & Wholesale Specialist Consultants with the knowledge of risks & opportunities. They know the challenges of order processing, logistics & supply chain management in small & complex organisations.

Not For Profit Specialist Consultants

Having worked in various service sectors, our Not For Profit Specialist Consultants understand the importance of stakeholder, employee and volunteer buy in. They understand the challenges Not For Profit organisations face and use their years of experience to develop compliant management systems that are simple and user friendly.

Specialising In: ISO 9001 | ISO 14001 |  ISO 45001 | OHSAS 18001 | AS/NZS 4801