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Commonly asked questions about ISO Certification, Compliant Management Systems, Management Review Meetings & Maintaining Certification.




What is a management system?

The processes, procedures, registers & forms that you use to manage your organisation are a Management System. As organisations vary in size and complexity, there is no ‘one size fits all’ Management System. Your Management System can be in paper format or hosted on a software platform.

What is a compliant management system?

When a Management System satisfies the requirements specified in the Standard, we refer to it as a Compliant Management System.

What is an integrated management system?

An Integrated Management System is one Management System that encompasses two or more Standards. Many Standards are structured with common requirements and therefore streamlining your Management Systems into one Integrated Management System enables improved efficiencies in development, implementation and maintenance of your Management System.

What is a gap analysis?

The review of your existing Management System to assess compliance with the requirements of the Standard is known as a Gap Analysis. It’s the identification of gaps between what you already have and what you need in order to be compliant with the Standard. The Gap Analysis includes a plan of action to close those gaps.

What is an internal audit?

Reviews & assessments of your processes & processes in action by a representative of your own organisation are known as Internal Audits. Internal audits are aimed at adding value to and improving your operations. The timing and frequency of internal audits should be based on associated risk i.e. complexity of the process, maturity of the process & previous Internal Audit findings.

What is a management review meeting?

Not to be confused with a Management Meeting where organisation operations are addressed, the Management Review Meeting addresses the adequacy and continual improvement of the Management System as well as its performance.

How does a certification audit work?

Certification Audits are conducted in in two stages.

Stage 1 is a top-level readiness assessment; it is used to gain knowledge of your organisation, clarify the scope of the audit and review your organisation’s understanding of how your Management System meets the requirements of the Standard.

Stage 2 is the evidence gathering audit; it is used to gather objective evidence that your Management System is complying with the Standard and that you actually do what you say you are doing in your system.

At the completion of Stages 1 & 2 the auditor will give you the opportunity to address identified major non-conformances. Once major non-conformances are closed out your Certificate will be issued.

What happens after certification?

The certification process works in a triennial cycle.

During this three-year period your auditor will undertake surveillance audits at least annually. At the end of your triennial cycle you will undergo a re-certification audit.

How do I maintain the management system?

Maintenance of your Management System focuses on ensuring your processes, procedures, registers and forms are still relevant to your organisation’s scope, risks and objectives. Internal Audits, Management Review Meetings and the addressing of non-conformances are all essential in maintaining your Management System.

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