ISO Helper - We Prepare You For Certification
We Prepare You For Certification

JAZ-ANZ Certification

Are you bidding for a tender that requires ISO 9001 certification? ISO Helper consultants can have you prepared for ISO certification within a few weeks.

JAS-ANZ Accredited Certification



What is Certification?

Certification is the external assessment of the adherence of an organisation to the requirements of International or Australian Standards. The assessment is carried out by way of an audit where the auditor visits the organisation's sites to validate compliance with the desired standard. 

Certification is a powerful tool.  Your organisation is not only demonstrating that your product or service meets the expectations of your customers but you are also driving continuous improvement and preventing costly mistakes.  For some industries certification is a legal or contractual requirement.

ISO Helper acts as a marketing agent for JAS-ANZ accredited certification bodies. We can connect you with the most suitable certification body that has experience in your industry and has demonstrated excellence in customer satisfaction.


Benefits of Certification

✔ Creating a marketing advantage

✔ Prevention of costly mistakes

✔ Opening up new markets

✔ Enabling of international trading

✔ Driving of continuous improvement

✔ Streamlining of processes and procedures

✔ Reducing OH&S risks and environmental impacts

✔ Motivation of employees


Meet Customer Expectation & Deliver Customer Satisfaction

“I would like to thank you very much for recently helping us obtain our ISO9001:2015 and AS4801:2001 certifications.
Your attention to detail in helping with the preparation for the external audit was greatly appreciated.
We enjoy working with you and know that you are committed to helping us with both our internal and external audits.
Both the team and I look forward to continuing this successful association between our two businesses.
Thanks again!”
— Annette Montagliani / Account Executive / Mark Perry Commercial Furniture

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