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ISO Certification – The Golden Ticket to Real Benefits

If someone handed you a golden ticket to fast track success in your organisation would you take it?

The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) has been waving golden tickets for decades now - in the form of International Standards (ISO Standards). You may have heard of these golden tickets by their official titles ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environmental) and the recent newcomer ISO 45001 (OH&S), but have you considered how these ISO Standards can benefit your organisation?

Let’s look at the eight very real benefits.

ISO Certification will:

#1   Drive growth cut costs and increase profits: Quality, environmental and safety controls prevent costly mistakes. A compliant management system can stop the domino effect of one simple error flowing through from the start to the finish of a project, product or service.

#2   Sharpen your organisation processes and increase efficiency: ISO certification requires commitment to continual improvement. Formalising the review of what you have done well, and not so well, provides an opportunity for making improvements and increasing efficiencies.

#3   Give your organisation a competitive edge & improve your marketing pitch: Having an independent third party verify that your organisation works to the highest International Standards gives your customers confidence that you are following best practice for quality, environmental and safety management.  Customers have confidence in ISO certified organisations.

#4   Improve employee engagement: An ISO certified management system gives your employees clear guidelines regarding roles, responsibilities and procedures. It enables them to work efficiently with excellent quality, environmental and safety outcomes, giving them pride in the work they do.

#5   Open up export markets for your goods and services: The ISO standards are the common foundation that bind all international trading partners, regardless of their geographical location, culture or language. They make market access easier and can enhance brand recognition, opening up the doors for international trade.

#6   Help you compete with bigger enterprises: ISO certification is the perfect tool for managing scalability in the supply chain. Potential customers are often sceptical about awarding large supply contracts to second and third tier smaller organisations, perceiving them to be unprepared and inexperienced. ISO certification puts you on a level playing field.

#7   Improve your risk profile with financiers and insurers: Risk profiling is employed by all financiers and insurers and is used to determine interest rate margins and insurance premiums. ISO certification provides financiers and insurers confidence that you manage your identified risks and thus improves your risk profile.

#8   Enable you to compete for public and private tenders: ISO certification can often be a stipulation for public and private tenders as it saves time and money during the preliminary assessment stage.  ISO certification does the talking for you.

So, what are you waiting for? The benefits of ISO certification are in fact real and are there for the taking.  Grab your golden ticket today.

ISO Helper can prepare your organisation to reap the benefits of ISO certification

Are you an ISO certification supporter or a sceptic? Which benefits do you doubt?