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Is ISO 9001 Certification Simply A Money Making Machine?

Yes, ISO 9001 certification is a money making machine ........ for you, that is!

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding ISO 9001 compliance and certification, and the one about ISO 9001certification being a money making machine is more of a misunderstanding than a misconception. 

It is a money making machine but not for the people you probably think.  It's a money making machine for you! An efficient, correctly implemented Quality Management System (QMS) will save you a lot of money.

How you may ask?

Many of us will have come across new customer or tender opportunities that require us, as the supplier, to have ISO 9001 certification; and those new opportunities have the potential to make us money.

But wait, there's more.

ISO 9001 outlines the requirements for successful and effective quality management in an organisation. Most of you will agree that good quality management is essential to a prosperous organisation.

But how exactly can ISO 9001 certification save and even make you money?

1) Driving of continual improvement

Good quality management will lead to continual improvement of your product or service and therefore an increase in customer satisfaction. Happy customers mean word of mouth marketing and repeat business.  

2) Prevention of costly mistakes

Quality management involves putting adequate quality controls in place for the prevention of costly mistakes.  The provision of products and services that do not meet customer requirements, or the use of inefficient processes and procedures to manufacture a product, all incur additional cost.  Quality management controls stop the money wasting leaks. 

3) Creating a marketing advantage

ISO 9001 certification provides you with a marketing advantage over your competitors. Independent third party assessment gives your customers confidence that you are following best practice quality management.  Buyers look for suppliers who are ISO 9001 certified.

4) Enabling international trading

The standard is internationally recognised and therefore opens up the doors for international trade. ISO 9001certification is a common foundation that binds all international trading partners, regardless of their geographical location, culture or language.

5) Motivation of employees

A certified QMS gives your employees clear guidelines regarding roles, responsibilities and procedures. It enables them to work efficiently with excellent quality outcomes and is a great prerequisite for taking pride in the work they do.

So if you want to save your organisation big money, get ISO 9001 certified and visit

Have you recently saved your organisation money by putting quality controls in place? How did you do that? Please share your tips below.